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The name ´CreaZene´ stands for creative energy, with the ´Z´ representing Human Awareness.

We are introducing the Systems View of Life into organizations by teaching and lecturing, It is all about functionality of people within boundaries of universal and natural systems. Life (business, political process, etc) can only create and maintain itself within boundaries of natural functionality. They are 'living systems' and depend on a balanced relationship with environment…

This would mean that if one goes beyond natural boundaries its functionality in relation to the whole becomes unstable which can lead to non linear effects…beyond control (global risks & crises)!




Our Research and Training Programs are partly inspired by the book 'Systems View of Life', by Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi. Their view on autopoiesis of life is a step forward for understanding who we truly are and what needs to be done for us to survive.



Systems Thinking or the theory of interconnected and interdependent systems of life is the best way to understand cause and effect. It shows us a way to see so called 'first cause principles'. If these can be understood, solutions can be created. Our research methods are based on this.

Creazene preserves our planet and human and non human life!

An organization can only function and be sustainable when ALL information is accepted and used. Ignoring information (feedback) to achieve a pre-set goal causes non linear and non controllable effects, hence the unstable status of industry, politics, nature and ourselves.

The real human man is just in open rebellion against the utterly inhuman form of life.   (C.G. Jung)

We have lost our access to the wisdom accrued in evolution, even to the greater part of the fruits of our own personal experience. We have absorbed the societal beliefs and constructs that foster our illusions of supremacy, dominance. separation from the natural world and immunity from the consequences of our ecosystemic ignorance. (Gregory Bateson)

Remember: A machine can be controlled, but a living system can only be disturbed.....